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Puncture Repairs

Buffing the puncture area
Buffing the repair area with an abrasive wheel

Applying adhesive to the puncture area
Applying adhesive

Inserting the puncture repair plug / patch
Inserting the repair plug / patch

Pulling the repair plug through the tyre
Pulling the repair plug through the tyre

Pressing the repair patch into the adhesive to complete the repair job
Pressing down the patch into the adhesive

As well as supplying and fitting new tyres we also offer a tyre puncture repair service.

We will assess the damaged tyre to ensure it is suitable for a safe repair and then repair it to the highest standards.

Note that if the tyre has been run flat following deflation there could be other damage. This is not always as obvious as it is in the picture below so it is important that a careful check is carried out before a repair is undertaken.

This tyre is certainly not suitable for repair!

As a guide, puncture repairs can be carried out where the puncture is in the area of the tyre that is in contact with the road, has been caused by an item such as a nail or screw, and the hole is not ripped.

After drilling the puncture hole out to the correct size, the puncture repair is carried out using a combined repair plug and patch as illustrated in the pictures. Once the adhesive has cured, the patch is effectively welded to the tyre's inner surface, providing you with a highly reliable and safe repair.

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